Tessa and her Toys

December 30th, 2016

          The little Countess in residence, Contessa Le Rouge (or Tessa), appeared quite content with her first Christmas. Now almost 13 months old, she received two special presents. One was a red sweater and the other a new toy. Tessa now has so many sweaters she needs a wardrobe to hold them. She also received a fresh beauty salon treatment (bath, cut, brush, nails, etc.).

          As for toys, Tessa has so many she no longer is able to give each the attention they once received. And the ones who failed to survive her first year of life don’t appear to be missed.

          I had hoped the Holiday season would enhance our relationship – at least from my point of view. That hasn’t happened. What I view as commands she continues to treat as suggestions. If I’m eating something it’s become obvious sharing expectations are her immediate interest. If I’m standing looking out the patio door a loud bark alerts me that it’s time to play. Should I dare sit and attempt to read or use my iPad, that appears to arouse her play and chew toy interests – but they have to occur in my lap while sitting. So, we enter 2017 with little change in our relationship for it’s become clear I’m the one who’s expected to qualify for an Obedience Certificate.

          In the photos, one set is of Tessa sitting on “her” lounge in the covered patio. The second set is outside on the walkway where she agreed to pose with her collection of toys.

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